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    Lynn Kim Do takes inspiration from the street, from the mundane and thus her extraordinary everyday experiences, and presents it rawly along with visuals and personal style. This is a platform beyond personal style. It is a space of personal experiences. Having footprints all over the United States, her view of fashion can not be defined by one location or even one style except one - streetwear. She believes in minimal and clean streetwear without losing all the attitude and sass with it. Her visual and production expertise has accumulated many highly recognized repertoire of projects with clients like Revlon and Urban Outfitters. She has been featured on Nylon.com, The New York Times, and WWD to name a few. If you ask her though, her biggest personal achievement is surviving a year lease in a six floor walk-up NYC apartment.

    Dear Ex-Best Friend,

    First off, I still got love for you. But if you think this is a letter to mend a relationship, I can assure you that it is going to be a letter of feelings being thrown against a wall with very little hope of sticking. That is if the wall is a metaphor for hugs-it-out scenarios or a slo-mo drone shot of two happy ass people walking through a luscious park with an endless amount of happy fucking possibilities in front of them. Nope. Not. This. Kind. Of. Letter.

    To all my ex-best friends. Yes, even my 6th grade best friend who told me she had a crush on my boyfriend so "you couldn’t possibly be happy for me." And my 8th grade best friend who found cooler girls to be best friends with AND then dated my ex after we broke up. To my best friend who pushed me to the ground one drunk night in New York City in 2014. To my best friend who I stood side by side but as strangers at your dad’s funeral. To my best friend who left me in this world alone to live with whiskey-loving angels way above me.

    And to the best friend who was never a friend at all. I gave to you selflessly. I invited you into my circle even when you conveniently begin to claim them as yours. I invited you into the very little family I had so often that even my momma called you her daughter. I built personalized traditions — Christmas, New Years, Tets — even when you so thoughtless rescheduled. Again. And Again. I contributed to our empire even when it costed me. I gave you an immense amount of loyalty even when you were anything but. I gave you honesty even when all you wanted to hear were lies just so you can feel better about your poor decisions. I checked up on you endlessly with “how are you feeling’s” as I talked you off your personal ledges when you kept me on read on my lowest days. When I got pathetic “kk” and self-serving answers that never even made it to “And how are you, Lynn?” I blamed myself, raking through pages and pages of memories trying to figure out what went wrong even when I knew that you ghosted me because our friendship was no longer convenient for your life. I gave you my unshakable promise in-between the term “best friend” even when you took it all for granted.  Yeah, I made it easy for you. Maybe, too easy. And that’s my fault. I gave and I gave while you took with such keen conscious calculations. You took and you made me believe in us when you were always thinking about you. And in the end, you made it hard to be your friend.

    Yet, I don’t blame you. In fact, I still love you. Very much. And I guess what I hope you understand is that I love myself way more than I can fucking possibly love you. I love myself too much to endure the one-sided promises aka the bargain I kept and you just took advantage of. I love myself too much to give you my friends, my contacts, my invites, my network, my energy, my sympathy, my time, or even my tears — you selfish convenient-only bitch. And I should’ve ran when you said “I trust no one” because you were only projecting the red flag that glared so clearly to me now. And I love myself way too much to give so generously when my best friend now deserves that and way more. Cause real love isn’t tainted by the crap that you made me endure.

    So I hope you’re well. I hope your future is bright. That you found a shitty person who is equally as shitty as you to call a best friend. Because nothing is worse than feeling lonely. And no one deserves that, even you.


    Images by Marie Lombardo

    . August 28, 2018 .
    . August 17, 2018 .

    So you book the trip. Congrats! That was the hardest part! And you’ve also figured out the hotel or airbnb or couch surfing situation, another great feat! All packed? Well, that’s a whole other post I have to dedicate to. (And I will, I promise!) In this piece, I want to share 10 things that most people DO NOT think about but should absolutely think about before they travel. These are all simple tips that can make your trip exponentially better. From years of country hopping and traveling, I’ve accumulated a condense list of things that you can easily google or grab before the plane takes off.

    1. Check the Weather, duh!  
    This is the very first thing I do a few days before I know I’m going to fly. I can’t stress this enough. What you pack is absolutely dependent on whether it’s going to be raining chilly, REALLY hot, or REALLY cold. There were too many times that I didn’t pack a light jacket and suffered the entire trip. NOT fun. There are other times where I did not pack enough shorts when it was well over 100 degrees.
    2. Learn a few words in their native tongue.
    If you’re going to be in a foreign country that doesn’t speak “English” or a language you’re familiar with, google a few words. Not knowing won’t break your trip but you have to remember that you’re visiting someone else’s home land. The people who you will meet, who you will talk to, who will serve you will appreciate your efforts. It will make all the difference when they see you trying because they will “try” harder for you. Learn how to say these words: “Hi,” “Bye,” “Thank you,” and “Excuse me.” I use those words the most.
    3. All about the Moolah, baby.At least one week before your trip, figure out the currency situation. For instance, taking American dollars to Cuba is a no go. They will tax the crap out of you. It’s absolutely not worth it. So I learned that I had to go into an American Currency Exchange before my trip with USD cash and exchange it to Euros or Canadian dollars to bring to Cuba and then exchange my Euro/Canadian dollars to Cuban currency. Another tip is figuring out if cash or credit is preferred. More developed countries will have credit readily available to use. Make sure your card has a chip. And do not forget to call your bank. Rule of thumb is to bring cash regardless for street spending and tipping.
    4. To tip? Or not to tip?
    Each country has their own etiquette on tipping. Some tip a lot. Some don’t expect it at all. Do a quick google search. This will help you when you’re scratching your head deciding how much to tip at the restaurant.
    5. What’s the outlet situation?
    Imagine going into your destination and realizing you can not charge your phone, your laptop, or your camera. NIGHTMARE! Each country has their own outlet standards. Make sure you bring the right one so that you’re prepared.
    6. Do you even Uber, bro?
    Domestic trips and international trips, I always google if Uber is available in that area. Uber has saved me in Europe, Los Angeles, Vietnam, and many other countries. They are usually cheaper than taxis and since my card is connected, I won’t be charged an international fee or have to rely on cash. Super simple. Domestically, it’s useful to google because some cities in the US like Austin does not have Uber. Shocking right? Since we’re on the topic of transportation, you should have an idea if public transportation, car rental, or taxis are the best way of getting around in your travel destination.
    7. Print EVERYTHING. Now.
    I got this tip from a friend of mine. And it has SAVED me. Some airplanes and bed and breakfast or hotels are still stuck in the 19th century. AKA they require printed tickets or confirmation. Also, if you’re in a foreign country, you may not have internet access to look up your reservation, so it’s a brilliant idea to print out all your reservation and store it in an envelope which I always label. If it’s a business trip, I keep all my receipts in that envelope too.
    8. Data or nah?
    Having cell phone service or data can really make a trip SO efficient. It helps when you’re trying to figure out where to eat, attractions to see, making reservations, getting an Uber, calling your family at home to tell them you’re alive, posting travel envious photos on Instagram, you know…all that good stuff! Figure out how cell service and data can be obtained. In Seoul, South Korea, you can rent a pod that provides you portable and 24 hours of Wifi service for as little as $3 a day. My cell phone service, Sprint, has Global Roaming which provides me with free texting and unlimited data in many countries.
    9. Weird, but what about toilet paper?
    If you’re going to a developing country, like most of Asia, pack toilet paper or a packet of baby wipes. Trust me, it will save you.
    10. Don’t forget about the plane!Lastly, you’re so busy worrying about the destination itself that you didn’t even get a chance to think about the long hours you’re about to endure on the plane. Don’t forget a neck pillow because it will save your neck and aid your sleep. I always bring my own snacks (food is allowed on the plane, just not water). And don’t forget to pack a facial spray, a sheet mask, and face wipes. Oh, and hand sanitizer! 



    Images by Daniela Spector 

    . August 4, 2018 .

    I needed a break. Desperately.

    Tulum, you were exactly that. We barely used our phone, often throwing them in the center of dinner tables (hence why you never see our dinners on IG Story). We rode over 5 miles a day on bikes, ate well, stayed active, had meaningful conversations, went on adventures that spiked our adrenaline, and chugged tequila. Sure, Tulum is filled with Instagram-worthy spots, corners, walls, buildings, but I tore a page off my boyfriend’s book and decided to just chill the fuck down. I mean, we captured content here and there but it wasn’t a priority. Our priority was each other, taking in a moment for ourselves, and to honor the birth of a very special human — my boyfriend.

    So here are the few images that were captured. I hope you enjoy them. But I hope you also take some time for yourself away from any device. Be present. Embrace the mystery of the world.

    Some Solid Eats In Tulum:
    1. Hartwood for Dinner. The waits can be insane, make reservations 1-2 weeks in advance. Get a fish dish and the ribs dish. Definitely the ceviche!
    2. Mur Mur for Dinner. Same for waits. Everything is delicious.
    3. Posada Margarita for Dinner. No reservations available. You need to get the burrata to start. All pastas are insane.
    4. Taqueria Honorio for Lunch or Dinner. Local taco joint in town.
    5. Trece Restaurant Bar for Lunch or Dinner and get the seafood tacos. They have amazing deals.
    6. Canopia Tulum for Breakfast.
    7. Zamas for Breakfast. Get the Huevos Rancheros. 
    8. Gitano for Drinks. The cocktails are divine.

    Tips for Tulum:
    1. Tulum operates in pesos and American dollars. Fees from ATMs are high off the beach near the hotels and resorts. Try to take out money in town because it’ll have more reasonable fees.
    2. Ask taxi drivers how much it will cost before sitting inside. It will be roughly 100 pesos during the day to get from the beach area to the town.
    3. Tulum uses American standard outlets.
    4. Bring mosquito repellant. TRUST ME.
    5. The beaches are currently not the best. It is littered with seaweed and it seems like the whole coast of Mexico is affected. Rely on cenotes for a good swim.
    6. Bikes are easily available to rent and it was our favorite mode of transportation. Uber is NOT available but there are plenty of taxis.
    7. Yes, Tulum is VERY safe.


    Images by Pedro Morales & Lynn Kim Do
    . July 17, 2018 .

    Why do you work hard? Why work to the bone? Why do you consciously choose not to sleep, to arrive early and leave late, to commit so presently and fully, to give your all in your job or gig or profession? Why? I mean, have you even ever had the chance to sit down and think about it?

    My soul has been working this question out for some time now. Logging in the hours, putting aside friendships and relationships, sacrificing sleep and comfort. For what? What’s the right intent? Why do that? I know why through a decade of experiencing, of taking every and all opportunities, soul fueling ones and random af ones, bad ones and good ones, the kinda hard work that led to burn outs and soul burns, years of wasted time and time giving back more than I can ever hope for. So let me lay it out if you ever catch yourself thinking about the same question I do. Here are three reasons why one should work so fully, so hard, so desperately:

    1. For the dream
    Have your dream or dreams been identified? Have you narrowed down the vision in this long and trialing and exhausting dream-journey? Even if you haven’t, are you in an honest pursuit?Personally, I’m always in pursuit. If you have some idea of your dream, even a speck of glimmer of what feels right in the dream vessel, then hard work comes naturally, instinctively, and willingly. Those hours and yawns and sweat feels full to your soul, just maybe not your wallet. But that’s okay. That’s perfectly fine. Because placing seeds for your dreams even if it’s free work or paid work in the pot of your passion is priceless. Work hard for that dream that keeps you awake at night, that gives you chills when you talk about it, that you know deep down will make that soul fueled.

    2. For the money
    We need to survive. I get that. I get that TOO well. I mean how can you get to the dream without a roof over your head, food to fuel your body and mind, experiences to build inspiration. That all requires money. Survival will lead one to work very hard. But I suggest you take a moment to identify that reason before you take the job. I do. Because money often times equals your self-worth. Calculate your worth. Divide that by your desperation to survive. Sometimes any pay is what you need, desperate to just stay afloat. Other times, you know that no money in the world is worth a job that degrades you, that does nothing for you, is morally questionable, AND doesn’t even pay well. Repeat after me—I am done chasing any money, but large money (unless it’s for “my” dream.) We are not in the business of building other people’s dream but our own.

    3. For myself
    There are times I accept a challenge just to be challenged. I will actively seek and take on an impossible gig just to prove to myself that I can do it. I want to prove to myself and myself only what my capabilities are. That I am hungry. That I am more than capable and worthy of the final dream and vision. Of the final prize. Cause I worked faithfully, endlessly, and surprisingly. People say it’s good to view your mortality. I find that equally helpful in your profession. I will agree to late nights and anxiety inducing gigs especially when the price isn’t worth it and is also inconvenient if “I” decide to do it. “I” find it to be of value to myself to show that I can do that selflessly for someone else. “I” find value in being a team player. For my own reputation, my won self-judgement. No one else.

    Love the one shoulder trend? Here are some of my favorite pieces and the entire outfit ideas